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To remove all gender/sex designations from identity documents.


The Problem

Everybody’s gendered identification starts with a birth certificate. The state ascribes a sex/gender marker at birth, and then “certifies” that gender.

But no one knows a baby’s gender at birth since gender identity takes years to be known.

So the state is predictably wrong for trans people, whether they identify as the ‘other’ M/F gender or whether they are non-binary. And it may be wrong for intersex people.

The state knows it is certifying as true something it cannot know to be true.

Trans and intersex people bear the burden of gendered ID that doesn’t match their gender.


Where Are We Now?

The law now recognizes that one’s gender is determined by one’s gender identity, that is, the gender you understand yourself to be. There are cases which say the government can’t rely on ‘sex’ but must rely on gender identity.


The Solution

The only acceptable solution is to remove gender altogether, from all identity documents.

Recently in Ontario, the provincial government has taken steps to address the discrimination faced by trans, gender-nonconforming and intersex residents. They removed sex from health cards and have added a third option – “X” for “unspecified” – to allow a non-binary option for when neither “M” or “F” are appropriate

The ““X” solution” helps overcomes bureaucratic hurdles for Canadians with non-binary genders and sexes, but would not alleviate the discrimination faced. Indicating an “X” , puts a target on already marginalized people.

Who are we?

We are a growing coalition of activists, lawyers, advocates, grassroots and non-profit organizations and regular people across Canada who are advocating for the removal of a gender/sex designation on all state-mandated documents. This includes birth certificates, passports, driver's licenses, SIN numbers, etc.


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